Benefits of Public Relations / PR

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Benefits of PR 

1. PR can show your vision

Almost every entrepreneur and executive loves to talk about their vision. Although it seems they talk about their vision every chance they get the general public might not know what your true vision is. PR fixes this

2. PR Can Land You Your Next Investment

Serial entrepreneur Ben Way knows this very well. He started a business when he was 15 years old as a computer consultant in Bath, England in 1996. The next year, a local reporter interviewed him, impressed with his computer acumen at such a young age. After a headline of “School Boy Has 60,000 A Year Business,” Ben had a flood of phone calls and soon a 25,000,000 investment offer. This of course, is unusual. But a slide on your pitch deck showing that the press has taken notice shows your investors that you know how to handle journalists, get publicity, and tell your story in a way that’s compelling to reporters.

4. PR Makes You Look Good on Google

5. PR Helps Recruiting

6. PR Gets You More Sales

Nothing is more impressive than when A List publications give you an endorsement or simply just mention your services in a positive context. It doesn’t even have to be a rave review necessarily. Just the mention of your brand can help to bring in new customers.


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