Restaurant Marketing in Middle East

In the ME we are currently working with restaurant outlets ranging from high end classy joints to fast food outlets. And one thing we and the restaurant fraternity overall in addition to industry experts we spoke to solely agree is the fact that the fundamental ingredients for a restaurant’s success in addition to having great…

PR Can Show Your Vision

Almost every entrepreneur and executive loves to talk about their vision ad nauseaum. Although it seems they talk about their vision every chance they get to employees and investors, the general public might not know what their true vision is. This includes potential customers and even future employees. If you are in the early stages…

pr agencies in dubai -PR is Anxiety

PR is Anxiety If you don’t understand anxiety in PR you don’t know PR. I’m not talking pressure. I don’t mean worry that your boss might get mad at something not being perfect. I mean anxiety. A hand creeping around your neck that your client will not be happy with you this week, or that…

How to Use Instagram for Nonprofits

We all have a little pro photographer nature in us. But for most, becoming a world-renowned, award-winning photographer is out of the picture. That’s where Instagram comes in. With cool features and settings, we can transform everyday photos into pieces of art. But we need to know what Instagram is? Instagram is a social network…

Pr agencies Dubai- How to Keep Clients Happy

It all boils down to relationship, relationship & relationship. In today’s highly competitive world of public relations in the ME, it’s not place, but bond that counts at almost everything you do. And, if you are part of a public relations agency, it starts with client contentment. Without great clients and your relationships with them,…

Pr agency in dubai-Al Pacino’s Inspirational Speech

Pr agency in dubai-Al Pacino’s Inspirational Speech

One of the greatest speeches to come out of any movie. Game-changing, literally and figuratively.

Pr agency in dubai-Be A Good Person

Pr agency in dubai-Be A Good Person

A truly moving story, and a reminder of how giving, love, generosity, and respect really do come back to us in many ways.