Pr agency in dubai-Steve Jobs on Marketing

Pr agency in dubai-Steve Jobs on Marketing

This video changed the way I think about business. It had a huge impact on my life and I hope it will on yours as well. I still watch it at least once per week as a reminder.

Pr agency in dubai-BELIEVE by Mateusz M

Pr agency in dubai-BELIEVE by Mateusz M

I’m honored to have played a role to launch this video. You can’t help but get motivated and inspired watching it. Note: It’s approaching 1,000,000 views… will yours be the one that pushes it over the mark?

Tips on how to avoid a social media crisis in Middle East

Tips on how to avoid a social media crisis in Middle East

To the common untrained person, social media appears to be simple and easy to master. Often you here the question How hard can it be? However picture this a teenage boy / girl’s suicide because of cyber bullying or a top corporate executive losing his job because of his insensitive or casual comment on his…

Importance of strategic Planning for Nonprofits in Middle East

Most often nonprofits are often short of time, budget, helpers and staff. This reality, particularly for particularly small and nimble organizations, can make the development of an annual strategic plan appear like a difficult feat. Nonetheless, practically approaching the strategic planning process is undeniably critical for maximizing inadequate budget and staff bandwidth. It keeps a…

How does my competitor always get quoted?

Often times you have noticed that your competitor is getting quoted in news stories all the time and positioning himself as a ‘subject matter expert’. Even though at times he / she is less experienced or less knowledgeable than you. Often this is because, as in other situations in life, it’s not so much a…

How to be a thought leader in Middle East

Ever since the term “thought leader” was coined in business circles some 20 years ago, many b2b companies and executives have desired to be recognized as thought leaders in their respective industries. By definition, a thought leader is a person who is accepted by peers for having progressive and innovative ideas, and who shares these…

Digital agency – PR experts should offer SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) controls where and how businesses rank on search engines like Google. As the competition for online real estate continues to heat up, marketers have planned to increase their SEO budgets significantly in fact some of them will be investing more online spending than on traditional mediums. This especially true for the…

social media agency dubai -The Push & Pull of Social media

A simple Google search can reveal to you about the staying power of Facebook or the lack of adoption of Google+. I recently came across an insightful article that discusses how Facebook is fundamentally more about connections and Google+ is more about content. While I don’t disagree with the author’s assessment, I would definitely experiment…

How to make your Spokesperson Shine during media interviews

Almost every corporate decision-maker feels they are too busy to invest a few hours for media training rather than on numbers. But problems arise once they find they are misquoted by the media and its affecting their organizations corporate reputation badly. Then they’re more than willing to pull out the stops to do damage control….

Building Relationships with Editors is So Critical in the Middle East

To get your client content placed in the media is highly dependent upon developing positive relationships with editors of all key publications you want to target. If you can prove useful as a trusted source for quality content, editors will actually will contact you out for editorial. Over the past ten years our Dubai Headquartered…