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How to hire your First Celebrity

We have worked with a fair amount of famous celebrities & influencers, from Movie stars to athletes. Since we have a background of more than a decade managing celebrities of all shapes and sizes. We often get asked how much it would cost for a celebrity to visit, promote or support a cause. You need to keep in mind that no matter how incredible your product or how important your event, stars normally don’t do anything for free. The good news is that almost any celebrity/influencer can be booked. Here are a few tips for figuring out how to find a celebrity.

To avoid wrong turns in your journey to get the right celebrity for your brand it’s always better to work with established celebrity management companies.

A most important aspect of getting or even thinking of which celebrity to get is the budget. The budget will make or break your celebrity endorsement dreams.

Ensure that the personal brand of the celebrity aligns with your brand values and image

Make sure that that you cover the PR side of things. Have a clear PR plan in place. Don’t think you can do as much PR as you want.

Having the right celebrity can be a huge boost for your brand awareness, but be aware of money & time which goes into the same.