What is Digital PR

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What is Digital PR
As digital marketing has become a mainstay. PR has also evolved into an online lead practice with new tactics under a term called Digital PR. This practice has focused more on promoting a client’s position online while still including conventional media. There is an assumption that Digital PR is purely about link building. While this is one weapon in the arsenal of digital Pr. Digital PR is not just about link building it’s much more than that. The holistic strategy deployed by digital PR experts will not only improve SEO but also brand credibility and positive exposure.Some Digital PR TacticsConventional PR focuses on media relations and media outreach efforts to secure coverage for their clients Normally, these media include print as well as broadcast media. While Digital PR still focuses on traditional media, using the tried and true
PR techniques, Digital PR has evolved to encompass other content creators like bloggers and Influencers. This tactic has helped Digital PR experts to create and deliver a comprehensive strategy to achieve the goals.Other tactics include – Digital media list with online metrics to link opportunity and authority of the website. Content marketing Content marketing is another tactic that PR practitioners use to target media opportunities.Events Events have always been an integral part of traditional PR. With the evolution of Digital PR, practitioners seek out additional online opportunities that will add value to these already valuable events.In the end, Digital PR is not so different from traditional PR. It’s still about elevating your client’s public perception using clear and transparent messaging. #pr #marketing #digialmarketing

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