Dubai Pr agency – How to find best PR agency in Dubai

Dubai Pr agency – How to find best PR agency in Dubai


How to select the right agency is a dilemma facing many marketing heads globally and UAE as well. Especially finding an agency that is the right one for your company in terms of size, as well as experience. This is a very vital to the success of the PR program. Choosing a firm that is too big may mean higher fees, less attention and fewer results, while selecting a firm that is too small that can’t execute your program to the fullest extent can negatively impact your results.


So how do you determine among the plethora of PR agencies in Dubai with different sizes. To make this process a little simpler I have compiled a list of questions which you could answer to determine the right fit.

  • What are the core objectives that you want to achieve with your campaign

Finalize if it’s just promoting a product or your company, managing a crisis or speaker positioning

  • What is your PR budget for the same?

Be realistic how much are you willing to promote yourself

  • Does the agency you are looking at offers a simple one size fit all strategy or it does its own home work to come up with a solid strategic campaign plan which will have direct visible impacts on your ROI
  • What exactly do you want the PR agency to do? Some firms just use PR agencies as news distribution networks. While others fully understand and use them as high impact tools.  Be realistic in the role you would like the agency to take.


Once the basic groundwork is done and outlined on your requirements, you will be better prepared to meet with potential PR agency matches. And ask these seven questions:

  1. How big is your staff?

Partially due to budget constraints, the proverbial one-man army works well, until that one man – or woman – gets sick, goes on vacation or decides to quit. For many other companies, a medium size PR agency with multiple staff members can offer the expertise, scale of economy and flexibility they need, without adding unnecessary overheads. I believe these are the best options to consider when choosing the right partner.


  1. What kind of resources/infrastructure do you have in place?


It’s important to know that the agency is capable enough to have the resources in-house to get the job done efficiently and effectively. This would include back-office capabilities, such as media relations & graphic & social media teams, in house editors & translators, media monitoring department, , as well as a full-time staff and a record of financial stability.

  1. 3.    How long have you been in business?


Lots of small PR shops pop up when times get tough and former corporate PR people retire early and decide to become PR consultants. While such executives offer interesting experience, you want to make sure that their agency business is not just a stop-gap measure to sustain them until the next corporate job comes along. You want to deal with a PR firm principal that has a solid, stable track record.

  1. Who are your other clients?

You want to make sure that they have experience in your industry – or an industry that faces similar challenges – and in your product/service segment, but that they do not work for any of your direct competitors.

5.  Who will be on my account team?

It’s important to know who the core members on your account will    be and what their roles will be. While you want senior attention, you don’t want to waste your budget having the Director of the firm handle the lowest level tasks. A good agency will maximize the impact of your budget by assigning different tasks to different staffer members at the appropriate level.


Once you’ve obtained answers to these questions, you’ll be able to make a more informed and more objective decision. Before deciding, though, ask yourself one final question: How’s your harmony with the firm’s personnel? Make sure they have the energy level and the enthusiasm you’re looking for and, ultimately, that you will enjoy working with them.