The value of developing a winning Brand Ambassador Program in the GCC

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The value of developing a winning Brand Ambassador Program in the GCC

The value of developing a winning Brand Ambassador Program in the GCC

The best way to create awareness for your brand name is to associate it with brand ambassadors. These men & women are cheerleaders for your company — people with industry visibility who are eager to get your product in front of potential customers. A concrete brand ambassador program creates mutual benefits for both parties. They boost brand awareness in the target markets and drive sales in a more effective way than other channels.

GCC based organizations can benefit from ambassadorships because trusted faces can promote products to their readers and followers whether online / offline. While on the other hand Ambassadors gain commission on every product sold thanks to their influence. Provided that commissions only come from customers who convert, so both businesses and ambassadors benefit from a transparent and efficient working arrangement.

When do I know my organization is ready?

To develop a great brand ambassador program, you would first need a great product. Bloggers and industry insiders don’t want to vouch for any products which could hurt their credibility as influencers. To attract the right people, you have to have a USP to offer more unique the product, the better.

Once you have something that customers love, you can start developing the brand ambassador program. But before finalizing a list of popular influencers, you have to make sure your company is ready to take on these partnerships because ambassador programs require constant communication with partners, status monitoring & reporting the program, crafting content for ambassadors to have meaningful conversations. And a very key element to maintain is a timely payment schedule. We can do an internal screening program for you to understand if you have the capacity and time to support this program.

How we select brand ambassadors

Based on our research and internal screening we advise you on potential ambassadors.

We source and have existing relationships with Bollywood celebrities, regional talent to even WWE superstars. At times it could be as simple as an individual from your current network that include bloggers and social media influencers you’ve worked with in the past. They make great ambassadors because you already have a relationship with them and they already know your product in detail. We based on our long experience with world famous brands source people who have a professional presence, both online and offline. We strictly adhere to our screening process to ensure the ambassadors who will be representing your brand will be people who reflect the values and style of your company. And most importantly, we select / give them hands on approach to brand ambassadors to make them genuinely passionate about what they’re selling.

The framework we follow to build a Successful Brand Ambassador Programs

Retaining an ambassador network is an ongoing, time-consuming task for company to manage. That is when agencies like us come into picture to seamlessly manage this relationship with minimal time investment from your side. The program involves several key factors that will ensure efficient product positioning.

Content Development

We don’t just sign ambassadors up for a reward based program and leave them to do all the work. We create the content they can share on their blogs and social media accounts. In addition we also create banners and display ads that they can post on their sites and also keep them in the loop on product news and developments, and offer them updates on special promotions to share with their audiences. Our agency also advises the ambassadors on best-practice guidelines on how often they should post content which will ensure that they avoid over-promoting the brand.

Monitoring and Reporting

We use state of the art technology using such as MailChimp or Infusionsoft to communicate regularly with the ambassadors. We also have a tracking system in place via which we monitor on a constant basis on who’s clicking content, what’s driving conversions. Such information provides valuable insights into which strategies work and accordingly we tweak the content accordingly.

To build long lasting partnerships that transcends financial rewards

To build long lasting relationships with ambassadors which go beyond material value, we advise our clientele to follow them on social media, share their posts, use their content on client site when appropriate, and post “spotlight” interviews with them to give their personal branding a boost, as well. This builds loyalty among ambassadors and increases their confidence in your product and company. Referrals from trusted sources such as celebrities, bloggers strongly influence customers’ buying decisions, so a happy ambassador likely means more sales.

A good brand ambassador program is all about having a product and brand worth promoting. Offer something great and you’ll have plenty of ambassadors eager to spread the word. Offer a great product and an ambassador program that provides mutual support and promotion, and watch as the sales start pouring in.