Pokémon Go – Exploring New realms of Virtual Reality in Branding

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 The other day in the morning I was woke up (unusually) by a nagging voice ….. That was my nephew trying to wake up his Dad to accompany him for a morning walk.

‘ Morning walk’ ?????!!!!

I was quite surprised and curious to hear him talk about ‘Morning Walk”. Determined to find out, what made this child of 9 years old; get up this early morning (06:00 am) to go ‘healthy’, that too on an extremely hot and humid Summer Morning.

With great difficulty I got out of my bed and slowly sneaked into the living, where I can hear the conversation. Soon enough I see the duo emerging out of the bedroom, the kido visibly excited and an even more visibly tired dad following.

And there!! The kido had his eyes peeled on to his mobile……

Guess What?!!!! They were going Pokémon Hunting!!!!

So this got me thinking…… if this game can get a ‘outgrown toddler-yet to be teen’ guy out of his bed on a Sunday Morning and convince his parents to tag along….. The possibilities of associating your brand with Pokémon…….!

We have seen brand associations with Pokémon earlier, but this would be a totally different experience altogether! And soon we will see major retailers, restaurateurs, or any one who would want the physical presence of their customers, associate their brands with Pokémon Go …. Commercially placing, the POKEMON or Pikachu (or whoever it is), at the location.

Who knew… this simple game will turn the virtual reality branding into a totally new Brand game altogether.


Now I am extremely excited and curious to see how this goes…

Written by our IMAGE MANAGER Glisha