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What is Digital PR

Today, people talk about Digital PR which again pertains to creating a presence but using online channels to do so.

So what are the benefits of PR whether digital / traditional?

The primary objective of PR is to build brand awareness for the brand through media channels.

Build a relationship with your audience by building awareness of the brand.

Once the audience has an awareness of the brand and has built a relationship with it, the easier it is to sell to them.

PR helps in website backlinks & improved search rankings

These two aspects go hand in hand with each other, as one of the most important ranking factors is the acquisition of backlinks from credible, authoritative and relevant sources. Undertaking PR activity, such as contributing to industry-specific publications, and getting a link back to your website from them will have a positive effect on your web rankings, as

Although an obvious correlation between PR and return on investment may not immediately be apparent, it can significantly increase brand awareness with your prospective customer base, and providing that your audience journey is clear, you may find that this converts into more customers.

So, there are multiple benefits to undertaking PR activity, however it is something which shouldn’t be a stand-alone strategy. Instead, it is something which compliments your overall marketing strategy, and goes hand in hand with SEO and social media.