Press releases. Just the term itself can spark debate among PR pros 2019

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Why do we still need them? Isn’t there a better way to achieve our PR goals? Press releases are still useful, but they might not always be the best fit.
Here are four alternatives:
1. Send only a pitch
A client might come to you with a news item. Though you may see its value to a few selected publications, it might be best to advise the client that it doesn’t warrant a press release. Instead, write a pitch & send it to reporters who might want the story. You can target it more precisely & achieve better results.
2. Pitch the idea as a contributed article.
Maybe the story is more of an opinion or an industry trend. In that case, why not craft a contributed article abstract that can be pitched to industry publications.
3. Offer an exclusive: If you’ve built a relationship with a reporter you feel would do the story justice, you can offer the story as an exclusive.
4. Self-publish: There are cases when you’ve pitched a story, only to get no response. In those situations, self-publishing can save the day. Write a blog post & share it on social media. Maybe one, or a combination, of these would better suit your purpose.

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