Tips to Kick Your Influencer Marketing Strategy for Success in 2021

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Tips to Kick Your Influencer Marketing Strategy for Success in 2021


Here are two tips to kick your influencer marketing to the next level.

Use Micro / Nano Influencers

Micro & nano influencers have a smaller audience than the big influencers. Micro-influencers are those with audiences ranging from 5-10,000 followers, while nano influencers are those with audiences of 1-5,000 followers.

Why would brands want to go this way as opposed to regular influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers?

Smaller influencers have a much more loyal audience base and have been shown to have higher levels of engagement as opposed to their big influencers. Plus the cost is considerably lower when it comes to big ones. And micro and nano influencers would offer you more flexibility. And it’s easier for brands to vet the authenticity of the followers.

Use AI

Artificial intelligence is an ever-growing tool in marketing and PR strategies, and influencer marketing is no exception. With AI, your influencer choice and strategy does not have to be a shot in the dark. AI gives you the ability to choose the best influencers, topics, and content formats. Giving solid data to back up your campaign and get a more guaranteed ROI. To start your next data-driven influencer marketing campaign contact this human – 00971 507456291