What is influencer marketing

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What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing in which brand partners with an influencer who has a specific influence on a section of the audience aka followers to promote his or her interest to them and also to promote the particular brand’s products and services.

Since we have now defined influencer marketing let’s now look at how a brand can come up with the right strategy to use influencer marketing to gain maximum results from the same.

  1. Objective: what is the objective or goal behind using the influencer? This will help to define measurement metrics and if your influencer lead campaign is going in the right direction.
  2. Money Talks: Specifically chalk out a budget for the influencer campaign. Depending on the influencer fees can differ from 1,000 AED to 10,000 and more. It also depends on the deliverables. We at IMAGE 360 Marketing draw out an influencer marketing plan to gain maximum mileage for every AED or USD spent
  3. Types of influencer campaigns: There are various types of influencer campaigns you can do. Like do a review of your product or service, cocreate content with you, guest post on their social media accounts go live on your social media pages are a few examples. Like I mentioned a one size fits all doesn’t work.
  4. Influencer who?: Now the most I’m in fact the number uno point is to find the right influencer. You can find them through social media platforms or through an agency like us which has connections with a plethora of influencers from various interests. To find them yourself you need to consider some key factors like- what is the influencer influencing about I mean who is his / her target audience, micro or macro influencer? what is the content the influencer is churning out? These are some aspects. To know more do write to vimal@image360marketing.com

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