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8ae737886f474f22b5837cfcd6cfc036 42984f13250a410e9f802bdf8f79b672The old advertising agency model may be dying, but there’s still a requirement for the type of swift bottom-line results that only come through ads, direct response and face-to-face selling. IMAGE 360’s Dubai based, full service, highly creative team of copywriters, art directors and media strategists give you all the resources you need to create truly integrated campaigns and truly impressive results.

Integrated services

  • Digital, Print & TV
  • Paid media placement for digital, print and outdoor
  • Product Placement
  • Copywriting
  • Art Direction
  • Media Planning
  • Media Buying
  • Sales Collateral
  • Presentation Design
  • Direct Response
  • Event Promotion
  • AV Production