Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality UAE

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality UAE

Augmented-realityAugmented reality is expanding in five core verticals which are Retail, Entertainment, Education Services, Publishing, and Industrial. Along with marketing and gaming, Augmented Reality Apps and applications have been in use for almost everywhere including gaming, entertainment, government and even military. It has transformed the way people interact with the digital world. This rendezvous of the real and digital world has resulted in an enhanced view of reality, where people get to experience and learn more. Augmented reality has also made it possible for consumers share this experience via the internet with others.

Augmented Reality apps being our forte, we have taken the whole digital and advertising experience to new dimensions.

IMAGE 360 has a cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) software development studio. Our team of experts utilizes the latest in emerging technology to build innovative apps, visualization products and services for education, entertainment, medical fields, tourism, and more.

It is our mission to create exceptional VR and AR experiences: visually stunning, emotionally engaging, apps that will impress clients, and attract new customers.