Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications

We specialize in hot button issues and crisis management for companies or individuals facing an emergency situation, sensitive event, or unanticipated difficulties in the marketplace, whether product recalls, rumours or any other matter which require pre-emptive or intervention crisis PR. Today’s news cycle is measured in seconds (on a slow day) and the court of public opinion doesn’t wait to pass judgment. We understand when a crisis hits, minutes are money. That’s why we strategically manage your message and frame the debate.

Integrated services

  • 24/7 on-site counsel
  • Critical media relations: dealing with negative media exposure
  • Investor Relationship management: maintaining and reinforcing support and defusing criticism among both internal and external stakeholders
  • Advance Crisis planning: threat assessment, planning and team preparation
  • Dispute and litigation communications: ensuring your position is understood by those who matter, without additional negative exposure
  • Online reputation management: effective engagement during a challenge and the repairing of your search engine rankings afterwards