Our approach

Our approach

Plan smart. Execute smarter

What’s your present business condition? How do you want to grow and develop? Let’s discuss how our Marketing solutions can help you get to where you want to be. Winning marketing strategies are built on a solid groundwork of research, which is why we always begin by categorizing and studying the competition, trends, opportunities and industry-specific influencers. Once we put our well-rounded strategy in place, we follow up with best in class service, extreme focus on detail and cost-effective solutions that make’s the most out of your investments and set your brand apart.

The connection of speed and relevance

There’s an adage in crisis communication: “If you’re not fast, you’re not important.” This also applies to Marketing encompassing PR & social media, which is why we’re built to be agile and competent, strategic and effective. Because we do a lot of work across industries, we’ve embraced the best parts of every corporate culture, too –- including quick thinking, awareness and doing what it takes to get the job done.

Achieve major results via media and blogger relations.

Creating positive publicity through placements in newspapers, blogs, magazines, radio, TV, podcasts and online news sites keeps brands top of mind, drives web traffic and supports business objectives. At IMAGE 360 Marketing, we align media placements with your company’s objectives –- securing positive exposure in mediums that reach your target audience. We have an established record of cultivating relationships with journalists and bloggers at local and regional and global media outlets, and our clients have been featured in a range of local & regional publications, tech news sites, trade publications and niche blogs.

Grow by doing good.

We focus on telling a story, integrating traditional and digital tools, and swaying public perception, and business outcomes. Just as important, we believe in using marketing for good. Because we strongly believe in the importance of non-profit organizations in the society. Hence we offer a radically reduced rate for non-profits and at times we can even take on pro bono projects or provide free consulting for numerous committees and boards for the greater good of the society.